"In my opinion the same stunt was pulled in 1999, with Value Net, It must of worked back then....why not try it again "
Striking similarities. I hope Vicky notes that it must have all been legit since they had Wayne Gretzky, Don Cherry, Team Canada, the NHL and the NHLPA on board. They would not have lent their names unless they were sure this was a great company.                          
 RE: Nicolas Abe - You be the judge of him??
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also equally interesting... David Lucatch CEO of INT you be the judge of him.

For those of you have not met Mr. David Lucatch, let’s remind of you his successes as an entrepreneur:
Lucatch was the founder and CEO of Valu-Net Corp. which went public via a reverse merger of a shell company back in 1997. Valu-Net was described as “a marketing and technology company specializing in Internet marketing solutions, integrated retail and business strategies and electronic commerce and transaction technologies”. Valu-Net brought on big names like Wayne Gretzky and Don Cherry to help promote their various products. Despite the vast opportunities that were available to those with vision on the future of the internet, and after over 75 press releases, Valu-Net traded down to $.06 by October of 2001. It peaked at around $3 early in 1999 amidst much promotional fanfare. Lucatch left the company in May of 2000 to “pursue other interests”. Its’ deal with Gretzky ended up in a lawsuit which the company settled by paying $425,000 in cash and shares. The company hobbles on to this day, but after adjusting for a share consolidation it trades at the equivalent of $.004 a share.
David settled?...According to the following release he was the victim and filed a counterclaim against the evil Mr Gretzky and NHLPA. Again, not much has changed in 13 years.
VALU-NET CORP - To Defend Lawsuit From Nagano Olympic Project [204]
Canadian Market News from Market News Publishing, Monday, February 01, 1999 at 13:09
David Lucatch, President and CEO reports that legal counsel for Valu-net Corporation (the "Corporation") confirmed that the Corporation will vigorously defend and counterclaim the action brought by National Hockey League Players Association ("NHLPA") and Wayne Gretzky. The action against the Corporation and its subsidiary, Valu-net Telecommunications Inc. ("VTI") alleges that VTI and the Corporation failed to pay royalties and license fees for phone cards with the players' images on them. Valu-net contends that the players failed to perform terms set out within the contracts, including but not limited to, the failure of members of Canada's Olympic Men's Hockey Team to provide signatures for Team Canada Olympic Hockey Collector Phone Cards.
Valu-net Corporation, is a publicly traded corporation. The Corporation's subsidiary, and primary operating company Valu-net International Ltd. is a leading marketing and technology company providing a complete range of services designed to meet the growing demand for Internet marketing and electronic commerce. Valu-net's Enhanced Service Program provides businesses with integrated internet marketing programs. Electronic Commerce and transactions technologies in order to advance their business and marketing goals. At the same time, ESP's Web-This-Week - the largest gateway to the internet in Canada - enables consumers to interact with such businesses.
TEL: (905) 474-5100 David Lucatch, President and CEO
FAX: (905) 474-9843
Toll Free: 800-558-9069
E-MAIL: [email protected]
TEL: (905) 889-1711 Gary Perkins, Investor Relations
FAX: (905) 889-2511
Toll Free: 800-225-2744
E-MAIL: [email protected]
(c) 1999 Market News Publishing Inc. All rights reserved.
Tel:(604) 689-1101 Fax:(604) 689-1106
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And if you are still hanging in there I will throw in the original contract announcement. Please note that when he has a real contract in hand he knows how to give names, terms and length.
Thursday February 19, 8:15 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release
Wayne Gretzky Signs Four Year Deal With Valu-Net
Hockey Superstar's Image to be Used On Valu-net's Prepaid Long Distance Phone Cards
MARKHAM, Ontario--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 19, 1998-- Valu-net Corporation (Alberta Stock Exchange:VNE. -
news) David Lucatch, President and CEO of Valu-net Corporation (''Valu-net''), announced today that Valu-net has signed a
four (4) year agreement with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. Valu-net has been granted world-wide licensing rights to use
Wayne Gretzky's name, image, likeness and endorsement (collectively the ''Endorsements), to produce, advertise and market
prepaid phone cards.
In conjunction with the Valu-net agreement, Wayne Gretzky will also provide a number of personal and video appearances on
behalf of Valu-net and the programs initiated by this agreement. In addition, Mr. Gretzky will provide spokesman services for
select programs in association with Valu-net's license with the National Hockey League Players Association. This will include
Valu-net's Team Canada Olympic Hockey Phone Card program.
According to Wayne Gretzky; ''Because of the fact that Valu-net is a leader in the Telephone Debit Card business and given
their existing relationship with the National Hockey League Players' Association and the National Hockey League, I am
excited to be associated with them in their current and future endeavours''.
David Lucatch, President and CEO of Valu-net Corporation added; ''This agreement with Wayne Gretzky will substantially
add to the New Media programs already initiated by Valu-net with Professional Sports Personalities. Valu-net intends to
introduce a number of new programs involving Mr. Gretzky. As well, Valu-net will promote the use of the license and
merchandise globally through New Media channels.''
Valu-net Corporation, with operations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia, is a New Media corporation whose
business is electronic commerce and marketing on the Internet. By working with leading financial institutions and technology
companies, Valu-net has developed a bank endorsed ''virtual'' retailing system that is secure for both consumers and
businesses. According to a recent Ernst & Young study (''Web sites can make money for retailers''), by the year 2000, a
staggering 81% of retailers project profitable web sites. The study also predicts that by that date, half of on-line sellers expect
to generate at least 20% of their total sales on the Internet. While waiting for this huge potential market to develop, Valu-net
has taken the initiative of launching a niche marketing strategy, in the professional sports arena, to showcase Internet Marketing
and Electronic Commerce opportunities and to demonstrate that Internet sales/commerce can be conducted profitably and
Valu-net Corporation was posted for trading on The Alberta Stock Exchange on October 16, 1997 under the symbol
''VNE''. There are currently 22.25 million common shares issued and outstanding. Management and insiders collectively hold
78% of the issued and outstanding shares and all are subject to restrictions on release. The public float consists of 4.9 million
common shares.
We invite you to visit our web site at www.vncorp.com