Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Where did you learn how to trade Tophat? Crackerjack box?


Tophat, RE: 2 points. Gonebroke

1) If you haven't sold your shares then you haven't lost money.

2) You can't file a lawsuit and say that you believe that you'll probably get screwed.

In the event that this goes to zero



Your net worth is down whether you sell or not. Try and get collateral for what you paid for INT and not what it is worth now. You will only be offered the share price at maximum.... probably only half that even from your broker. If you bought at .40 and are still holding you have lost that money. If you continue to gamble on INT you might make it back or you might lose even more. Right now, the money is gone. So stop with the BS semantics! 



You CAN file a lawsuit at any time that you can prove fraud. You do not have to wait for a stock to go to zero.