I'm a long term investor of INT and got caught in the Spin-out fiasco of Orstbo that started this time last year . The way it all went down , it seemed like a forgone conclusion that the spin out was immenent . It was even mentioned that a Record date was to be announced in early January of 2012 .

And we know the rest of the story .

I'm just wondering if there is any complaints put into the securities commission or why I haven't heard of any class action lawsuits .

It's my view that just saying that there wasn't enough interest in the Canadian marketplace to spin out Ortsbo here , isn't a justified reason to cancel the original plans . Especially after hyping the whole spin out with increasing the special dividends to be paid to the investors of INT in the form of shares of Ortsbo . Lets not forget the 2 day trading halt , just to announce the spin out structure ... etc.

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they've been taken for a ride ?

I'd sure like to have this investigated .

I've totally lost all confidence in what INT says they are going to do ... they just seem to always kick the can .

They have lost my trust and continue to have private placements to float their expensive ship !!... while diluting the value of their share price !

It's not my intent to bash , it's just that I have lost my entire lifes savings !