Actually Bzero, I really don't think it is all good.  Not good at all.  Frankly.  This board is stupid and not only the so called bashers fill the boots on this, but so called pumpers too.  None of this dribble as you say is sanctioned by the company, nor speculated on by DL.  Haven't seen the slightest NR that would elude to that  ever in my 2 plus years of being here....All Dribble?  Go look at your posts.  Really man...Get a grip.  look at others here too.  The past is done...The future is tomorrow.  I'm personally not writing this off although, i have had my doubts along the way and that is clear, but I don't blame the company for my investment decisions as some bashers would like to suggest we all should.  Don't care, not their fault, never suggested anything to speculate what those do here do.  Simple as that.  Not once in my two years plus being here.  The problem is that anything negative or positive is scrutinized not for content and reality but for the extreme point of view whereby if it doesn't fit into the extreme side one way or another, then it is pretty much meaningless.  That's not investment frankly.  Not sure why anyone here doesn't get it.