And by the way Bzero, I was responding to Vickey and not you.  Seems to me you just need to keep bashing people here along with the bashers who bash with pretty much no substance.  This is a discussion forum by the way and, I laid out some pretty good discussion points on what I would hope to see on direction.  Give it a break...but of course, you don't care do you.  Unfortunately, nothing here is what anyone really would like to see.  People who post here right now really just have an interest in the ups and downs so they can flip.  Nothing I said is out of the realm of possibility and perhaps only supportive of the company and not the garbage I seem to be witnessing all day long when I decide to log in.  I've spoken of speculation.  What I propose is speculation, but could be just so darn good.  In any event, your own Dribble and Drabble has nothing to do with the company and what they say and most importantly speculation that has never been substantiated by the company.  So, give DL a rest hear and call if for what it is.....your own Dribble and Drabble and daily ramblings that you just accused me of that frankly mean nothing to someone that wants to invest here.  Talk about rambling.  2/3'rds of what you say is frankly what Vickey just said....ooooh...The SP is down because they are making fun of my hair.....What a joke.  Really?  Great supporter of the company you are too.