Ah, It goes both ways really.  Just to be honest.  Frankly, most of what you say about what posters think of you has nothing really to do with the SP now does it?  Not really.  Frankly, for me, I thought Ortsbo would become the world wide chat house (very much like stockhouse is) breaking down the tower of bable and making huge coin in advertising revenue on every subject and, to me, I think they could still pull this off.  That is where the money is if they had PYN to go with it.  I really would be huge, but, those days seem to be gone and now, INT wants to take a piece of the entertainment pie. I say, and always have said, if they just contemplated what I wanted, just for a moment, this would be bigger than big.  Ortsbo works. 

In any event, no investor really gives ......... because of what bad names they call you.  Get over it.  It has nothing to do with the company.

They have chosen a direction that has morphed for sure.  Let them go do it.  

For me, at some point, a revenue model is key.   They are not moving toward the facebook/google model.  Everyone wants a piece of Bieber and Madonna.  That is not the internet really.  That is not breaking down the tower.  Bieber and Madonna need to see value in the offering that they offer rather than saying...hey....I need that because they offer to everyone.  Top down, or bottom up.  Again, just my opinion, but this could be way more than it is, but no one really cares what Birchy Boy says.  I say shake it all up and not take it to the stars, but go to the end of the Universe and let the stars chase it.  North America is getting older and don't really care about T-shirts, the rest of the world is getting younger and don't really care about Bieber.  They just want to communicate on planes that far exceed Indy Car or Cannes, and on cheap mobile devices to say the least.  The world is desparate to reach out on more than just what is available for a small segment of those things they don't understand, nor need.  Ever heard about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?  What is the need and if you have the answer, then fill it.  Ortsbo has the ability to fill the need of billions, not just Justin Bieber fans who mostly have no money anyway except from their mom and dad that are ready to retire along with the rest of the mom and dads who have tons of money that they can't spend because they want to take a trip at least once.

Just my insight.  I've mentioned this before to Lex...et all.  Would like to see him come back and comment.  The company has chosen a direction.  Let them tell us now what will become of it and let investors decide what they will do of it and finally, the sp has nothing to do with what people call you on this board.  Give your head a shake.