Vickey, when I can directly relate profits from Company NR's to Justin and Rihanna, then I will be convinced for sure. I'll never be a fan of them for sure and  buy their music.  Just not me.  But if others do and it is directly proportional to profits of INT, then, I'm all for it.  Right now, lots of spec. on the board over the year about huge movement everytime they announce a deal, which, I am not opposed to them getting the word out, but the company doesn't nor hasn't ever stated that any deal was going to drive profits, only people on this board have speculated as much.  JMO of course from what I have seen.  And, of course, I have missed alot because I can't keep up really, nor want to, because I haven't missed a thing really.  Lets get the show on the road and lets hope they can say profits have been derived from X, X and X, so we know where the focus to drive those profits should be.  Again, the company has never stated that any of the ventures will make profits, so, I question the bashers who keep going on about it.  I think they just keep going on about it because of the speculation here as to what each event holds and how this SP is going to go up.  Has nothing to do with the Company NR's.  They don't say it.