calmed down.,,or is it just the multiple use of the iggy button, anyways, nice to see that Carpediem has also called DL . yes, he is open to talk & we will find our way. more news to come. will be an interesting winter. i'm sure the bashers will condemn anyone that posts they talked to Dave and will want info. .. fk'm , they can call DL themselves,, if they have the balls. anyways , i'll be buying more, great price & great news to follow.all in time,, with the chaos in the U.S., the markets are not out of the woods yet. greed & politics stay in the way. literally , trillions of dollars sitting on the sidelines. like most developing companies out there, ( and almost every company) INT has to survive this drought .  lets hope , the closer to the edge , the more sensible they will be and lets get back to WORK !!