No Pom, that is the way it is done in the adult world. I could go into a business meeting with someone that I personally do not care for ,but we are going to do business anyway...and with that said I will shake their hand and say "Good morning" and I expect the same in return even if we both know the words are hollow. Now if I say hello and they say go F yourself then the tone of the meeting is definitely going to slide. If you want to ask me a question then at least act like a civilized adult while you are asking it  After I answer your question then if you wish you can go back to the pack mentality that governs this board and rip me to pieces. Fair enough?


What do i think of Lexifone? I think absolutely nothing of Lexifone as I would any company that I do not have any numbers on. What am I to base my evaluation on? releases? Unless the press release is stating some data that would hold up in a court of law then they are self serving and worthless to me as a business man. I could line up the press releases from 20 companies in the same business and all their press releases are going to say that they are #1. Obviously 19 or maybe even 20 of them are not telling the truth. Geeze, PYN was the mobile leader till the end. If that was so, then I would hate to see the shape #2 is in. 


If one person said that INT's investment is really only worth $100,000 and the next person say's it is worth $100,000,000, my answer is still going to be that I have no idea. Give me some internal numbers and I will evaluate it. Without numbers it is a black box and quite frankly I do not invest  in or give any weight one way or the other to black boxes. If you have some hard data then please give me a link and i will tell you what I think of it. To date all I have read is Safe Harbour statements filled with hopes and dreams....Yes, black boxes.