I'm with that crazy guy too...I wonder who it benefits, when you see these signals from Haywood usually odd lots. I do agree with the discussion that I listened to regarding....Intertainment moving on to a senior listing, in the US, and subsequently spinning off Ortsbo from there. It will be interesting to see how they manage this, and how well the building blocks have been set in place to do this....interesting listening to the AGM!

I think there is a plan...starting next week, we will be on BNN....maybe a clue into our future...something obviously must be in the works....both David and Patrick were very confident in the future unfolding soon, and I have to think that there has to be something major in the works, if they were confident enough to mention getting Intertainment on....say the Nazdaq? Then spin off Ortsbo from there?

They are bent on Global commercialization, and in 66 languages...Entertainment, Sports, Interactive Gaming, Cosmetics Industry, Dating Services....what is it....filling gaps in the right, most lucrative industries in a Mobile world!

I will be staying tuned....and long!