i am not here to change or influence your's or anyone else's mind ANBCA as i am not a cheerleader, or representative of the company. You once again are entitled to your viewpoint, and i respect what you have to say, even if i don't agree with it necssarily. Beauty of living in canada, is everyone has the right to choose and think what they like, and are not forced to listen or be influenced by anyone else.

I again don't as you put it have a "rosie prediction" of the company. I have been realistic with what the company has done, and the steps i think it needs to do get get a US senior listing, or generate substantial revenues. But at the same time, i don't think it is naiive for me to think that the current price is unjustified considering the value of the parts of the company, and i see brighter things going forward from here

But time will be the judge of that