Abstaining from this pit lead me to decide not to return since I'm not paid to sit here 24/7, as some obviously are, but after seeing that the financials were out tonite but more importantly,  after hearing what Patrick Bultema had to enlighten us  with at the AGM,  I decided to come back this one last time to say what I thought needed sayin' for myself.

I heard all that I need to hear now to provide the clarity that I was looking for over these last few months and I got to hear it from an individual that I admire and respect;  Patrick Bultema.  



They say for everything there is a season;  Mr. Bultema made it clear that INT and Ortsbo in particular, have been making their way through their seasons and now the future is here.......tomorrow and next week and the week after. 

The financials that came out tonite reflect yesterday,  Patrick laid out the path for tomorrow.

"in the fall we were really understanding what were the market opportunities and the summer we were really saying how can we tune and optimize our technology.   And now in the fall, we are actually in the process of rolling out with a number of companies in these market areas around these focus objectives that really give us the ability to have a highly differentiated, high value, realtime communication experience for our end clients."

"One of our customers we are working with right now has 45 different national websites, 32 different languages and they are trying to do realtime social marketing content marketing out of their US headquarters and it's a real challenge for how do they do that across all these sites. This is an opportunity for us to transform, as well as to enable realtime communications.

Again,  another huge market opportunity in space and we have got a number of customer thing that we will be announcing shortly."

We will be seeing  some customer care announcements & some partner announcements.

Gamification- Announcements that will be forthcoming.

Travel social networks.....International dating social networks.....commerce social networks .......a couple of  announcements that will be happening there as well.


The initial stage of focus,  following what was the opportunity for Ortsbo, aligning and tuning the technology over the summer and now we are in the process of rolling that out into customer wins and successions. "

Now is the season to bear the fruits of the labor.........a new season is upon us and it's not the one the bashers are painting for the investors.    

Good Luck and thankyou for some of the friendship found on these boards .......;0)~ 

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