Good will rising, revs down a tad, debt climbing and behind on some stuff. Sounds dire catastrophic actually but here we are making deals with companies all over and turning them away actually. The dire report actually confirms my belief that the backing for the play is there but it's just behind the scenes.

Somebody is in the shadows keeping the business partners at ease and saying to those partners keep doing business keep signing contacts because we got INT'S back. I just don't see any other logic because the state the financials are in an ugly state (I can say that because I'm longer than the kids hair, you should see it) and knowing 6 million per quarter revs is at least 2 quarters out somebody has to be backing it.

I'm sleeping very well at night knowing the team of bashers that continue to be on the site mean I'm on the right track all the way and that track leads to my bank in a dump truck type vehicle.