Trustee, I agree with what you are saying.  INT without a doubt needs to get off the Venture in a hurry, Canada is not the place to be for a small cap tech company, even DL attested to this at yesterday's AGM.

One of the main arguements regarding the feasibility of a US listing is the listing requirements for NASDAQ.  DL has stated numerous times now that INT will list first and then Ortsbo will be spun off.  So at our current valuation and with our existing revenue (essentially Magnum), how is a US listing possible?

The only rationale explanation is major revenue deals have yet to be disclosed and will be disclosed 'shortly'; one either draws that conclusion or they believe it's all smoke and mirrors ... basically that all the work done over the ast year and a half, the money spent, partnerships made, deals reached ... are all for not.

I trust in managements ability to steer INT off the Venture and I agree with you once INT lists in the US these days on the Venture will be absent from my mind.