Prime example, just take a look at RIM during it's initial start-up phase.  From a few dollars to $40, back into single digits, then it retraced, then back to a few dollars followed by a massive growth stage to $150.

Don't be fooled by institutional investors who want your shares.  INT is still well within their own early growth stage.  Although some in the market are trying to suffocate us and force PPs at these levels, management has a definite plan to generate reveunue and shareholder value.  Don't pay attention to the inital run over $3, that was total manipulation, INT should have never gone that high at such an early stage.  Bashers who post here 24/7 try to use the previous 'manipulated' run as a focal point ... 'from $3 to 11c, what a joke'.  if you have done your own DD, this phase of the company's valuation should not bother you.

Let management execute and stop dwelling on the daily SP or staring at your portfolio.  This is tax loss season, get used to it.