Biren, when I talked to DL that was his biggest concern ... having to dilute the shares.  He did not want to have another PP, especially at this range but what can you do the market valuation is what it is.   

IMO you have to look at the global marketplace right now, especially with what is going on in the US and Europe.  People are selling for tax purposes or their portfolios are shifting towards higher liquidity and saver havens, ie dividends.  I have added to a few of my REITs substantially, but you need to understand the markets in which they operate, especially if the US/European ecomonuies doesn't turn around.

It's pretty simple if you ask me, retail investors watch the SP drag lower and eventually they pull the trigger.  This is just a game within a game, I just focus on the consumer markets INT is positioning for and the effort/personelle involved to get us there.  INT has great minds working on their vision, patience is what it is, time will tell.