Intertainment Media Company Officer & Director Profiles
David Lucatch
Primary Founder and Chief Executive Officer
May 2006 -- Mr. Lucatch has spent over 25 years developing
business concepts and taking them to market, holding senior
management posts at both private and public media and
technology firms.
Edward Jonasson
Chief Financial Officer
March 2010 -- Prior to joining the Corporation, Mr. Jonasson
was Vice President, Corporate Controller at Open Text
Corporation from 2006 through 2010. Mr. Jonasson was a
member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Audit
Committee for Norwall Group Inc. from June 2010 to March
Anthony R. Pearlman
President and Chief Operating Officer
July 2011 -- Mr. Pearlman has a twenty-year background in
technology and business development. He was President of
the Enghouse Asset Management Division for from 2005 to
July 2011. Prior to his position at Enghouse, he was CIO for
Valu-Net Corporation for six years.
Brad Parry
Chief Marketing Officer
October 2009 -- Mr. Parry was previously Vice President
Marketing, Communications and Strategy with Canwest (now
Shaw Media) from 2005 through 2009.
Jana Lucatch
President of Magnum
May 2006 -- Ms. Lucatch is proud to have achieved the
designation of FSC Xpert Pioneer. Ms. Lucatch is a
respected member of the printing industry and is a Board
Member of the Digital Imaging Association and an Editorial
Board Member of Graphic Arts Magazine.
Intertainment Media, Inc. Investrend Equity Research
November 26, 2012 Discovery Report
Page 12
Patrick Bultema
President of Ortsbo
December 2011 -- Mr. Bultema brings over 30 years of
industry experience to Ortsbo Inc. having led numerous startup
ventures and high growth private and public companies in
the US, Canada and globally including Chairman and
General Manger of Ziff Davis Help Desk Institute. As a
recognized technology and business author and speaker
Patrick has written 10 books, numerous articles and
instructional videos. Mr. Bultema continues to be active in
providing strategic corporate direction to organizations, and
has successfully led numerous capital raises. Mr. Bultema
has a Bachelors Degree from California State University and
a Masters from Princeton University.
Girvan L. Patterson
August 2000 -- Mr. Patterson is currently Chief Executive
Officerof GaN Systems Inc, a leading developer of
semiconductors for cleantech applications. Until March 2007,
he was a senior executive of Voxium Inc. and prior to that,
Executive Vice President of Radialink Corp. From October
2001 to December 2002, he was CFO of Northland Systems
Training Inc. Mr. Patterson is currently a director of Plaintree
Systems Inc. (TSX-V). Mr. Patterson has extensive finance,
technology and public company experience.
Herb Willer
January 2007 -- Mr. Willer, a chartered accountant, is the
founder and president of HMW Capital Inc, a private equity
and investment banking firm founded in 2007. HMW Capital
and partners invest in early to mid-stage companies across a
broad range of industries, primarily technology. Mr. Willer
represents each investment group on the respective boards
and plays an active role working with management on an ongoing
basis to create value for shareholders. In particular Mr.
Willer has extensive experience in corporate strategy, brand
development, management team performance development
and corporate finance. Up to 2002, Mr. Willer was a global
partner with Arthur Andersen in Toronto, responsible for the
entrepreneur practice. From 2002 until the formation of HMW
Capital, Mr. Willer was a shareholder and corporate finance
director for Kingsdale Capital Markets, an IIROC and TSX
registered brokerage firm.
Kevin Shea
March 2008 -- Mr. Shea is currently the Chair of the Ontario
Media Development Corporation and the Owner and
President of SheaChez Inc., a consulting firm whose clients
include the CBC, Telus Communications and Standard
Broadcasting. Mr. Shea was formerly President and Chief
Executive Officer of Sirius Satellite Radio as well as YTV
Canada and has served as President and Chief Operating
Officer of the Global Television Network, and Executive Vice
President at Bell Globemedia Inc.
D. Gregory Hall
July 2011 -- Mr. Hall brings over 30 years of experience in
the capital market sector. He recently retired as Director of
SilverCorp Metals Inc. His experience in capital markets
includes Director of Haywood Securities Inc., Vice President
of Canaccord Capital Corporation and Senior Vice President
of Leede Financial Markets Inc. Mr. Hall is a graduate of
Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, SME
Intertainment Media, Inc. Investrend Equity Research
November 26, 2012 Discovery Report
Page 13
Enterprise Board Program and is a Member of the Institute of
Corporate Directors.
Jeffrey D. Puritt
July 2011 -- Mr. Puritt is currently President and Chairman of
the Board of TELUS International. Prior to TELUS, Mr. Puritt
served as Vice President, Corporate Development and
General Counsel at Daedalian eSolutions where he was
responsible to leading Daedalian’s go-public transaction and
then directed the sale of Daedalian to TELUS. Mr. Puritt is a
graduate of York University, has his law degree from
Osgoode Hall and is a member of the Law Society of Upper
Source: Intertainment Company documents.
Exhibit B: Intertainment Media Press Release/Announcement History (1-year)
21 November, 2012
• Intertainment Media & Premier Communications Specialist PUB 1917 Partner To Present Live & Global
Webcasts Powered By Ortsbo
19 November, 2012
• Ortsbo President to Keynote PushButton Summit 2012 Conference
15 November, 2012
• Intertainment Updates Private Placement of Units
14 November, 2012
• Intertainment Launches Business Solutions Initiative Targeting Entertainment, Sports, Brand and E-Commerce
13 November, 2012
• Ortsbo Unveils Next Chapter of Corporate Strategy
12 November, 2012
• Murphy Analytics Announces Initiation of Coverage on Intertainment Media Inc.
1 November, 2012
• Intertainment Media as Secured Creditor Confirms Poynt Corporation Receivership
31 October, 2012
• Intertainment Media Inc. Initiates US Senior Listing Program
30 October, 2012
• Intertainment Media Corporate Update
26 October, 2012
• Intertainment Completes First Tranche of Private Placement of Units
25 October, 2012
• Ortsbo's Fan Talk Expands Global Fan Engagement Program for Artists
24 October, 2012
• Intertainment Media Inc. Sweet Card Program Chooses Paymobile Inc. for Its Financial Services Processing
18 October, 2012
• Stockhouse Publishing and Intertainment Media to Launch Pilot Online Global TV Platform
17 October, 2012
• Interview With David Lucatch, CEO of Intertainment Media Inc. and Ortsbo, is Now at
16 October, 2012
• Ortsbo's "Live & Global" Presents World Championship Boxing Press Conference From Brooklyn
15 October, 2012
• Goldman Small Cap Research Issues Research Report on Intertainment Media Inc.
11 October, 2012
• Poynt Corp. receives extension to creditor protection to Oct. 15
Intertainment Media, Inc. Investrend Equity Research
November 26, 2012 Discovery Report
Page 14
11 October, 2012
• Daughtry Fans Worldwide Chat in Dozens of Languages Through Ortsbo Social Hub and Fan Talk Platform
4 October, 2012
• Intertainment Announces Private Placement of Units
25 September, 2012
• Ortsbo Expands Its Global Social Media Hub Program for Artists and Celebrities With Launch of Fan Talk
19 September, 2012
• Snipp Interactive Inc. and Intertainment Media Inc. Sign Strategic Sales and Marketing MOU
10 September, 2012
• Intertainment Media's Ad Taffy(R) Announces Licensing Agreement with Vantage
10 September, 2012
• Lexifone tops own targets with phone translation service
5 September, 2012
• Ortsbo and CHCH Partner to Broadcast "Ortsbo and Variety Live from Toronto"
4 September, 2012
• Intertainment Announces Closing of Private Placement of Units and Terminates Transaction with Capstream
Ventures Inc. in Favour of US Opportunities
28 August, 2012
• Intertainment Announces Gypsy Swap
28 August, 2012
• Intertainment Announces Private Placement of Units
28 August, 2012
• Poynt Corp. receives extension to creditor protection to Aug. 30
24 August, 2012
• Ortsbo Presents "Live & Global: IZOD Indycar Series" Live Streaming Event With Graham Rahal, Josef
Newgarden and Takuma Sato
10 August, 2012
• Ortsbo Announces Live & Global Broadcast from the Joe Carter Classic Celebrity Golf Tournament
8 August, 2012
• Intertainment's Ad Taffy(R) to Release Platform Updates Including Multilingual Capabilities & Mobile Offering
7 August, 2012
• Intertainment Provides US Market & Financing Update
1 August, 2012
• Intertainment's Redesigned KNCTR(R) Ready for Public Beta
27 July, 2012
• Intertainment Media's Ortsbo Partners With Variety to Broadcast Coverage of the 2012 Toronto International Film
20 July, 2012
• KISS Unleashes World's First Globally Social Fan Hub through Ortsbo
6 July, 2012
• Intertainment's Ortsbo Reaches Over 200 Million Unique Monthly Users on Eve of Second Anniversary
6 July, 2012
• Intertainment Media Responds to Poynt Corp.'s Creditor Protection Filing
3 July, 2012
• Intertainment Media Inc. Receives Initial Term Sheet From US Financial Advisor
29 June, 2012
• Intertainment Media Inc. Enlists Maxim Group LLC as US Financial Advisor and Investment Banker
19 June, 2012
• Intertainment's Ortsbo Provides Platform for eCommerce Globalization
11 June, 2012
• Intertainment Media & Ortsbo Develop Social Media Financial Services Program for Celebrities and Fans
Intertainment Media, Inc. Investrend Equity Research
November 26, 2012 Discovery Report
Page 15
23 May, 2012
• Intertainment Media Provides Update on Ortsbo Spin Out
12 May, 2012
• KIIS FM Announces Ortsbo as its Real Time Closed Captioning Language Translation Partner Live from the
“Wango Tango”
4 May, 2012
• Ortsbo Partners With Cameron Thomson For European Sales & Business Development
3 May, 2012
• Ortsbo Welcomes Paul Stanley as Spokesperson and Business Partner
1 May, 2012
• Intertainment Media Provides Update on Ortsbo Spin Out and Announces $20,000,000 Lead Order
27 April, 2012
• Intertainment Media Inc. Completes the Purchase of Stake in Lexifone
23 April, 2012
• Ortsbo's "Live & Global" Presents First International IZOD IndyCar Series Chat-Live from Sao Paulo, Brazil
10 April, 2012
• Intertainment Media Announces Investment in Independent Music Platform Tunezy, Inc.
9 April, 2012
• Intertainment Media Inc.: Ortsbo Presents "Live & Global: IZOD IndyCar Series" Live Streaming Event With
Brazilian Racing Stars
28 March, 2012
• Intertainment's Ortsbo(TM) Builds Senior Management Team
21 March, 2012
• Intertainment's Ortsbo(TM) Initiates U.S. Patent Process for New e-Reader Language Translator App, Now in
15 March, 2012
• Poynt Corporation and Intertainment Media Inc. Initiate a Joint Venture
13 March, 2012
• Intertainment Files Civil Claim Against Defamatory Posters on Stockhouse
2 March, 2012
• Intertainment Media Provides Update on Synchronica Relationship
1 March, 2012
• Intertainment Media Completes Investment in Patent Pending Video Capture Technology for Print on Demand
and Social Sharing
28 February, 2012
• Intertainment Media Inc. Announces Ortsbo Spin Out Structure
28 February, 2012
• Ortsbo Eclipses 107 Million Unique Users 167% Increase Since November 2011
14 February, 2012
• Ortsbo's Live Coverage of the 2012 Orange British Academy Film Awards Unites 161 Countries Instantly in 53
1 February, 2012
• Intertainment Media Inc. Closes Investment in Award Winning Advertising Technology-Shiny Ads
30 January, 2012
• Intertainment's and The VarietyStudio Wrap Up Coverage of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival 26
January, 2012
• Intertainment Media Announces Strategic Relationship With theAudience, Inc.
20 January, 2012
• Intertainment Media Provides Ortsbo Transaction Update
19 January, 2012
• Ortsbo Live and Global Presents Stan Lee and Gene Simmons at Sundance Streaming Live Over the Web in
Your Choice of 53 Languages
Intertainment Media, Inc. Investrend Equity Research
November 26, 2012 Discovery Report
Page 16
5 January, 2012
• Intertainment's Ortsbo Announces Strategic Relationship with Variety
8 December, 2011
• Intertainment's Ortsbo Appoints New President and Senior Advisor
8 December, 2011
• Intertainment's Ortsbo Releases Patent Pending One2One App for Windows Phone 7.5
1 December, 2011
• Intertainment Media Announces Withdrawal of Preliminary Short Form Prospectus & Provides Corporate Update
30 November, 2011
• Poynt Corp. Appoints Industry Veteran David Lucatch to Board of Directors
28 November, 2011
• Intertainment Media Provides Ortsbo Transaction Update
28 November, 2011
• Intertainment's Ortsbo to Acquire Interest in Israel Based, Voice Translation Technology Platform
29 November, 2011
• Intertainment Media to Invest in Patent Pending Video Capture Technology for Print on Demand and Social
25 November, 2011
• Intertainment Begins Process to Identify and Take Legal Action Against Anonymous Defamatory Posters
23 November, 2011
• Intertainment's Ortsbo Mobile Platforms Ranked # 3 in the US iTunes Store
22 November, 2011
• Intertainment Media Shareholder Meeting Update
21 November, 2011
• Intertainment's Ortsbo Invests in China Green Channel International to Provide Translation, Distribution &
Development of International and Original Programming for China Education TelevisionMarketwire (Mon Nov 21)
10 November, 2011
• Intertainment's Ortsbo Eclipses 40 Million Unique Monthly Users With 25% Increase For October 2011
Sources: Yahoo! Finance Canada; Intertainment Company documents