Analyst Vassalotti Reviews Ortsbo & Deal Frenzy
Readers of my previous reports will know that I prefer, when possible, to get
hands-on experience with the products of companies I research. In
Intertainment’s case, I tried-out Ortsbo and DealFrenzy.
My Ortsbo experience was impressive, to say the least. I installed the Android
application on my phone and located some people that spoke a different
language. I typed my messages in English and the recipient received them
either in Italian or Polish (depending on what language I told the system the
receiving party spoke). Their responses then came back to me in English.
I only did a few “Hello, how are you” tests, so accuracy (usually around 75-80%
for the free version) was fine for my uses. However, the paid version of the
service, as utilized by call centers, customer service reps, and other
professional users, is optimized for those industries and companies to provide
even greater accuracy (90%+) in its instant translations. In addition, the call
center version has the ability to “learn” about its particular industry-specific
jargon as it is used, allowing it to become more and more accurate over time.
Other markets for the software may not be as obvious to the investor. World of
Warcraft, Minecraft, and other worldwide gaming sites now allow users from
many different countries and languages to not only compete with each other,
but to collaborate and communicate online while playing. Ortsbo’s service can
make this a seamless conversation between “player one” in Canada speaking
English, and “player two” in Germany speaking German.
And speaking of German -- a difficult language to master and one not common
to find in the average call center employee -- call centers must offer bonus’s
and higher salaries to people that speak German. One estimate is an additional
expense of $15,000 per year, per employee. Ortsbo software, after installation
and customization expenses ($25-30,000), can make any call center employee
a communicator in the German language for $50 per month.
This service/software is a game changer. It has the potential to fundamentally
change the support industry, online collaboration, and the online gaming
As powerful and game changing as Ortsbo could prove to be, it is not the only
thing in Intertainment’s pipeline. DealFrenzy is also in the Canadian market
delivering services to local business in several cities.
I am receiving daily offers from DealFrenzy geared toward residents of
Charlottetown, Canada. The offers are similar to Groupon, in that they send-out
discount offers from paid advertisers, but are more similar in appearance to
Amazon Local Deals, with emails concentrating on one offer, rather than
several (as with Groupon). This makes the presentation less cluttered and, I
think, more apt to be read and followed-up by the end reader.