Other Portfolio Investments (Developing Businesses)
Active Image Nation -- The developer of Cap That™, technology that allows
consumers and professionals to capture and share videos and images
immediately. AIN has signed agreements with Disney and other entertainment
companies to offer their material through Cap That™.
Shiny, Inc. -- Shiny allows small advertisers to develop and purchase
advertising without having to engage professional graphic designers. Shiny’s
direct sales team works with ad networks giving publishers access to new
revenue streams.
Tunezy, Inc. -- An outlet for musicans that allows consumers to directly follow
and promote their favorites.
Velvet Red Card Ventures, L.P. -- Entertainment news and behind-thescenes
information and discounts for fans, as well as features the latest
gadgets and fashion trends of the entertainment industry. The show is hosted
by Ellen K.
China Green Channel International -- A Canadian / Chinese broadcast
service will have access to blocks of time on the China Education channels to
build the programs and assets of the China Television’s Early Learning
KNCTR (“Konnector”) -- With over 4 million users, Konnector is a VoIP
service that allows an individual to call anyone else over their computer (i.e.:
users can call cell phones, other computers, or landlines). While
communication is taking place, the user’s computer displays ads and news
articles pertaining to that customer’s pre-indicated preferences.
The Sweet Card -- Links a customer’s entertainment preferences with their
daily routine. The debit card (to be released soon) can carry the likeness or
logo of an artist on the front. When customers use their debit cards, they show
Intertainment Media, Inc. Investrend Equity Research
November 26, 2012 Discovery Report
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their loyalty to particular artists, and at the same time can earn rewards that
can be exchanged for special tickets, pictures or memorabilia. In addition,
artists will get a portion of the C$6-9 per month that debit cards currently
generate in fees.
Poynt -- Poynt filed for bankruptcy after failing to obtain debtor-in-possession
financing. Intertainment has lent Poynt funds in the past, but expects to be able
to recover its investment.