Company Overview
Intertainment has transformed itself from a
printing and graphics firm to a technologyfocused
business incubator, and has
evolved into the two, primary operational
Divisions of Printing Media and New Media.
The Company still retains its legacy printing division, operating under the name
of Magnum Fine Commercial Printing, Ltd. ($3.98mm / 84.2% FY 2012 sales*),
which provides the bulk of the company’s sales and working capital.
As a business incubator, Intertainment takes various firms from a startup
situation to full-fledged public corporations, providing those firms with capital
and guidance. All such activities are consolidated into the category of New
Media, and these provided sales of $747,485 in fiscal year 2012, or 15.8% of
* See Table 5 on page 11
Products & services in the Printing Media Division include:
Magnum Fine Commercial Printing – Magnum provides a full
range of printing products, including:
<> Digital Printing
<> Printing
<> Post Cards
<> Product and Sell Sheets
<> Brochures
<> Professional Stationary
<> Special Projects
<> Legal Products
<> POS Materials
<> Packaging
Magnum provides a traditional base of revenue and cash flow that helps to
fund Intertainment’s business development.
Operating interests in the New Media Division include:
itiBiti -- itiBiti provides corporate advertisers with a social media
app that connects consumers with customized content by the
Intertainment Media, Inc. Investrend Equity Research
November 26, 2012 Discovery Report
Page 3
DealFrenzy -- DealFrenzy delivers local advertisements and
coupons to end users based upon where that user lives. The
service is Canadian-based and showcases many Canadian cities.
AdTaffy -- Ad Taffy integrates a new type of “call to action” into
traditional online advertising that reduces user frustration,
increases connectivity, and delivers the brand location both
physically and communicatively.
Ortsbo -- Ortsbo is a multi-lingual languages services platform
that allows instant cross cultural communication. It can translate
text messages and other content from one language to another on
the fly and displaying one person’s content in another person’s
native language.
Ortsbo has advanced its development and commercialization
efforts around closed captioning translation technology and has
continued its efforts around delivering Global Customer Care
(GCC) products and commercial solutions enabled by Ortsbo’s
real time translation platform, providing GCC in 66 languages.
In the more immediate future, we believe the most salient factors that could
serve as catalysts triggering broader awareness across the mainstream
investment community regarding Intertainment are:
? Spinoff of successful Divisions -- Intertainment’s investment in and
development of Ortsbo could provide a large payoff in immediate revenue
(through the sales of shares of Ortsbo) as well as serve as a source of
capital through the continued ownership of a large portion of Ortsbo.
? Continued development of Portfolio Investments --. Intertainment has
developed a sizable investment portfolio of nascent companies that show
promise as future spinoffs, such as Ortsbo. These portfolio investments
consist of loans to the developing companies that have warrants and
share purchase agreements included in the loan offer.
Ortsbo Opportunity
The value of Ortsbo is important, because its value will be transferred