specboy:  The SP was at 54 cents at the AGM last year and it's down.. -77.8% in one year.  DL is going to have to do some creative talking with the SP at 12 cents now...and maybe even lower by the AGM if he wants to inspire enthusiasm for another round of financing.  I hope they are using Live&Global again this year because they need the publicity.  I might attend so I can get myself on the air.  I need the publicity so I can start an acting career.


I wonder if there will be an NR before the AGM to announce a 10:1 consolidation and another PP at $1.20.  That would put the share float at 33.5 million shares but I doubt the market would support another PP for $24MM so they might have to go for something less...like $6MM to $12MM...25% to 50% of the previous amount.  That would be a good thing because management would have to be very selective in their spending and investments with fewer funds at their disposal.