live nation now adding videos and pics from fans ,,sounds like fantalk ,live nation has a download for pyn software for iphone  ,software is needed to buy tickets etc. from live nation ....there is no support for pyn software at this time .. pyn owes DL 1.7 million ,so put this all in a mixing bowl and add pumpers and bashers it would be enought to drive a normal person over a cliff .. 

since i am not normal i have no plans to drive xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

live nation would like to own fantalk ,DL would like to own pyn software  and i would like to own another 50,000  shares  before they call a halt  ,  


for some time now i had a feeling something going on between live nation and fantalk ,but i am still not sure if it is good or bad , fantalk use to have a large icon going to live nation ,3 weeks ago the icon was reduced down to 10 percent in size ,and now takes  you to live nation home page,not the artist  

  with such a mixing bowl how would anybody know ,,  a halt could be close