LeekyKevin:  So you are saying that FB's IPO fiasco prevented INT from spinning out to a senior US exchange? REALLY?  I thought it had something to do with the fact that INT's metrics didn't meet the listing requirements.......and perhaps Global Warming could have been a factor....and of course the bashers can be blamed too because they are insect larvae..aka maggots.  Do you know what "to rationalize" means?

"The the cash has bought incredible talent, SAAS, Commobility, Deal Frenzy and pieces of Lexiphone, theAudience and CapThat."

What was the ROI for the money spent on those investments?  Where's the revenues and positive cashflow.  Shouldn't it have started to show up already....like a couple of QTR's ago? All ya got was intentions that haven't panned out yet.  That might be fine if it weren't for the inconvenient truth that the company is running out of money.