Well said TZero.

It's funny how some longs imagine that skeptics harp on the same detail over and over. That could not be farther from the truth. Every aspect of INT has been presented, and suffice to say, there has only been a LOT of forward looking statements followed by unreasonable expectations, followed by complete disappointment. 

Some would feel the need to qualify that sentiment with "so far". But when you have an unending stream of the same over and over for years, what are the odds that this zebra will change it's stripes? At what point was it better to get a grip on reality and move your money elsewhere? .60? .40? .30? .20? .10? 0? 

One other thing. When the "bashers" show up on a stock, you had better sit up and pay attention. The most valuable information you can get about any stock is the stuff you don't want to hear.