LeekyKevin: "IMO, INT's cash position will have improved substantially and thoughts can be re-directed to a U.S. Ortsbo listing and other new initiatives such as Ecommerce and how many call centres can be quickly signed up once they conclude testing and turn the tech boys loose."


We'll know in a few days when the Q1 financial numbers are released. If you are right, then we should see some significant positive cashflow at the end of Q1.   We are now almost two months past the end of Q1..so we still won't know the current bank balance.

I wouldn't count on INT getting much money back from the PYN investment.  Time will tell.


In case you forgot...here's the previous cash numbers:

Cash and cash equivalents

Q1 2013:          ???           

Q4 2012:      $411,921  

Q3 2012:   $5,749,887

Q2 2012: $12,777,773

Q1 2012: $21,228,060

Q4 2011: $24,684,836


The downtrend in the bank account balance has been greater than the downtrend in the SP.  Who woulda predicted that? Yeah...that's right...one of the Bashers...aka the Naysayers....would have been the most likely to predict that cuz they know stuff...lotsa stuff about investing and doin' DD.   Nuff said. Case closed.