INT and Ortsbo are many things.  Bashers tend to focus on one single thing, as if the whole company relied on it for survival.  Admittedly, the delay in closing the 2nd tranche of the PP is a little un-nerving, but the 1st tranche is in the bank and INT has many possible sources of revenue, such as a receivership settlement from the PYN loan.


I can just imagine if Gene Simmons read this board and read some of the basher rhetoric. lol  A guy with his bank account reading all the speculation and worry about INT sufferring a similar fate to PYN's. lol


From the lack of trading today, I'd say we're all just flapping our gums here for nothing.  IMO, most people have established their positions going into the last week of Nov. with the AGM and finacials coming up.  IMO, INT's cash position will have improved substantially and thoughts can be re-directed to a U.S. Ortsbo listing and other new initiatives such as Ecommerce and how many call centres can be quickly signed up once they conclude testing and turn the tech boys loose. hehe