Baggies have patience don't they?


Maybe next week you'll get your wish and you can add to your 0.75 shares


then you can KISS the sky again.... ROFL


Kiss the sky.......
4/5/2011 10:57:49 AM  |  | 370 reads  | Post #29527937

I was lucky to get in this morning at .75
I agree that Gene will promote this like there's no tomorrow.
Isn't he the one who's creating the new logo?

I'll be watching to see what Kevin O'Leary (Lang & Leary report) has to say as well.
I'm quite certain that he'll have something positive to say about this bit of news.
He's a Gene/Kiss fan from way back and loves money almost as much as Gene

I think the best time to sell this one will be when your on your way to the airport and the taxi driver asks you if you've bought any V.INT