INT....CAN NOT be shorted, most Canadian stocks bellow $3.00 can not (a few expection, INT is not one of them) and will NOT be available to short by most brokage houses.


So the reality here is that all these bashers are to help create fear so the price does not take off until everything is in place and MM/Big House have accumulated all they can.


Soon they will make the call to let INT run and get up to the valuation that it rightfully deserves, which is much, MUCH higher than where we are today.


Don't believe me, try shorting INT and then reprot back to me with your findings. So only one good reason for all the bashers and I can sum it up in one short sentence.....


"Bashers role is TO create FEAR so MM/Big houses can ACCUMULATE LARGE POSITION before share price increase"


Watch and see!!!!!