You think anything you say really matters at the end of the day.  The company will let us know, otherwise, it is all speculation.  Do your own DD.  Don't rely on the board.  There was lots of good discussion in the past, but not so much discussion anymore, but rather just statements on the extream ends of the spectrum.  Yes, I have been skeptical and have said so many times when the next big thing that was going to take the SP higher was going to be the next big thing....Cannes, Tiff, Indycar, soccer....etc.  All was going to be the big thing that never really turned into much yet.....and I repeat yet in profit.  It might very well end up this way or, it might not.  I liked the whole Stockhouse TV concept, but haven't seen much on this lately.  Barclays was going to be big too...and, perhaps could still be and might very well be.  So, the bashers can continue to bash these initiatives, pumpers think everytime something gets announced, the SP is going higher.  The reality is that I cannot keep up to date on the posting here nore do I need to.  Its like a soap opera.  You could leave for months and watch one day and be up to date on the sentiment based on reading a few posts and looking at the posters who post them.  Totally stupid in my mind.  Looking for pearls of wisdom from DL and the company.  No point in arguing with longs or shorts on the next leg in the SP.  Longs got it wrong.  Bashers got it right.  Who has it right next?  I have no clue.  I still have shares higher than here, but just no point in dumping them on the chance that it all comes together.  That being said, as a guy who sits in the middle here that doesn't believe the SP will go down much further, but has taken a stance on over pumping, I am a basher according to many that seem to have long since gone.  Frankly, I find that funny.  Seems like many just walked away.  However, I believe they are still here.  Working both sides.  I have been here now for over 2 years posting less as of late, but absolutely 100% IMHO, if DL caught bashers here working for a company and got a payout in court because of their activity, I bet they are working the other side too, or at least someone is.  Lots of pumpers out there and I don't mean the pumpers that get caught up in hype right accross SH, but rather those that start the hype right accross boards.

Wait for the company and do your own DD.  Where are the guys that inboxed me over a year ago stating I was walking a thin line by liking the stock but asking questions too.  Insinuating that they were comming after me?  All gone.  I got some pretty nasty inboxes, yet, I still don't take kindly to bashers.  As I said, I think it was last week, INT only needs to make $5million net a year profit to justify the current SP.  That is pretty plausible given what they are working on, but I will wait for them and not for anyone else to tell me its not.