How the bashers ride on the past, bash a stock before a run and come back with another alias to hide from their embarrassing ineptitude.  Woolybully, do you know how much money I've made trading INT? You would be very surprised.  If I had f*cked up with this stock I probably wouldn't even want to exist on this board. 

At the time I posted that post that you just LOVE to keep reposting, I gained some ignores and was labelled a basher (by some).  And then, the SP ended up worse than my "bashingly low expectations" and along the way, things changed and evolved with the company.  Not everything is a hit.  It's about feeling things out along the way, evolving and adapting. We don't hear about 040 anymore.  That doesn't bother me one bit.  If it didn't fly, then they made a wise decision to move on.   Are you guys on here simply to play a childish game of who was right and who was wrong?  Knowing full well how quickly the basher aliases disappear and spring up again, it's not even worth having this discussion.   Build some credibility.  I dare you to continue posting into 2014. (Yes I know you'll be bookmarking this post)... Quit (or continue) your childish behaviour and how about sharing some useful information for a change.