David Lucatch salary $250,000 


Accumulated deficit of $59,942,792   <------ How are the payments going and what interest in dollars are they paying on that? Where is that money coming from to pay that loan? From PP money?

 What Is the chance of another placement?   Is it possible that could bring the total shares to  1/2 billion?

Would a company consider a 40:1 rollback to entice some big funds if they are interested? A rollback for shareholders would that be a good thing or bad thing?

What does the short position mean in the near future?

How much God d.... money has been blown away over the years.

What is the company worth really? Any significant news releases that actually shows significant revenue to pay that God D......  59,000,000 million deficit.

Is 5- 10 cents out of the question for this stock? Be honest with yourself.