Takeone: "Like I said, there are people watching you.  You along with others have no idea what is going on in the company because it is totally illegal to tout information before it is made public.  So again be very carefulnwhat you say.  There are other people of the legal profession watching."


I do not have any insider information about a possible RS.  It is just an opinion.

You have implied that I have slandered INT by asking if anybody can identify another company and it's founder....that I discovered through my patented QUAD-DD four-stage investigative research methodology.... where the SP went up to $3.00...and then dropped all the way down to 6 cents.    Are you saying that I have implied that the company is INT? 

That is untrue because...although INT's SP went up to $3.00....it only fell to 14 cents so they can't be the same company.....unless you think INT is going to 6 cents too?  I never said that.  My prediction was 15 cents.


Irregardless.....you don't know the name of that company...do you?  Don't feel bad.....most of the other pumpers don't have a clue about doing proper DD either.  I might have to start giving lessons as a public service.


Who is watching and why?  What is their purpose?  What are you implying?  Any right-thinking person would consider your comment as a veiled threat.  I think I'm going to be discussing your comments with my Attorney...and he might to decide to start watching you. 




PS: Yeah..I know...it's not a real word....but it sounds good anyway.