Hey maestrodrumboe: Did you see what Takeone just posted?


Takeone: "Right now there are a number of informed people watching everything you people post.  Again be very careful in what you say.  You people run off at the mouth sometimes a little too much and slander is a very bad thing.  so before you make any suggestive ideas make sure you can back it up.  Right now as things are going forward just a very good piece of advice."


What Slander?  I can't believe it....he doesn't know the answers to my two questions that anybody who has done minimal DD would know.  Like I said......they don't have a clue how to do proper DD.  I am beginning to wonder if they are real shareholders.  No real shareholder could be that clueless.....could they?


Yeah...you are probably right.    I forgot this is the INT board.