LONGLIFE: "well I tell you one thing that this is not in the cards and wont happen any time soon"


Don't count your hatchlings before the get done incubating and are ready to leave the nest.


What about the following company:  

"Despite the vast opportunities that were available to those with vision on the future of the internet, and after over 75 press releases, the company traded down to $.06 by October of 2001.  It peaked at around $3 early in 1999 amidst much promotional fanfare."  The company did a 7:1 share consolidation....but it apparently didn't prevent the SP from declining and eventually trading at the equivalent of $.004 a share.


YIKES....$3.00 down to $0.004.  Now that's what I call a price decline.  I wonder if the Long-believers there rode'er all the way down from $3.00?  That would turn a $100K investment into  $133.  Double YIKES.

1) Do you know what company they are referring to?

2) Who was the founder and CEO at that company?


Got any idea?  I didn't think so.  You pumpers are clueless when it comes to proper DD.



I'll bet CousinWoolie...and pretty much all of the naysayers...knows who founded that company cuz they know how to do their DD.  They got the experience that a few of the Pumpers lack.