The bashers appear to have gone from predicting imminent bankruptcy to trying to scare investors with a share consolidation.  Mmmm, very interesting. lol  INT's SP has nothing to do with a U.S. listing of Ortsbo, the bashers are preying on investor ignorance again, IMO.


The money is ready to close the 2nd tranche of the PP at 20 cents.  All they have to do is sort out the over-subscription, dot the i's and cross the t's.  That should do wonders for the SP, not necessarily getting it to 20 cents, but say close at 18 cents.  It used to be closing a PP brought the SP to the PP price, but the Venture herd are a skitterish herd these days IMO and those are the trends in prices I've observed recently.


That 500 million dollar requirement for the NYSE is interesting to me.  IMO, we shareholders might have to accept a little smaller piece of the spinoff pie of say less than 25% of the value, as a shareholder special benefit.  INT as the parent company retains 51% and the remaining 24% is new money.  This is how the valuation quickly gets up to listing requirements.  New money puts up 24% of the valuation and the exchange gives Orstbo credit for 100% of the valuation based on the introductory SP.


The keys right now are to close the PP over-subscribed and show over a 100% increase in quarterly revenue again.