Does anyone seriously think that the SYNDICATE taking INT to a senior US listing will do a reverse split so that every current shareholder gets screwed over big time? No way!!!!!

This syndicate will find a way to unlock the tremendous value trapped at this point primarily inside ORTSBO by the manipulation of criminal enterprise. Somehow that value (or a good portion of it) will be UNLOCKED prior to INT getting listed in the US. To do it any other way would be a total charitable giveaway to all NEW (post listing) investors and a major screwover of existing shareholders.

How will the syndicate accomplish this revaluation (unlocking of fair market value)? Revenues will ramp up and probably some will EXPLODE as DL has hinted. That's a good MASTER key that will unlock the door of manipulation.

Let's just sit back and watch how this takes place. We will be surprised. The NR's of substance (not just fluff & dressing) are in the pipeline.

SIT TIGHT & BE RIGHT$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$