Yes Pirate, the chart looks like Dung for sure.  I would never have guessed that it would have got here a few months ago.  So, you are speaking the obvious that everyone knows.  The pumpers keep pumping and the bashers keep bashing.  The SP has nothing to do with this board at all right now IMHO.  Nothing to do with it at all.  You guys are wasting your time now.  However, you will keep on keeping on what you are saying insinuating the ultimate demise is what you are doing, but without saying it exactly.  One might have suggested that the bashing was just so the bashers could load up, now, I'm not so sure.  Much money needs to be made off of Ortsbo, off of the sites that the add on to. 

So, If there were 1,000 sites making $10,000 a year, that would be $10 Million.  If it were $100,000, then that would be $100,000,000 million.  So, does Lady Gaga's site get $100,000 in INT revenue.  Does Barclay's make INT $10,000,000.  Don't know, can't say.  Soon we shall know.  But at this SP, $35 million a year net would get this to $1.00 sp using rough math.  So, what do we need to see to get to $35 million net?  I don't know myself, the company is working on it.  With a current market cap of approximately $50 million, they only need to make $5 million net a year to justify this current SP.  Totally plausible IMHO.  However, I think everyone needs to do their own DD on this.  Don't trust anyone on the board.