It was a tough call, actually. But that's not to say that int will not do well.  I think they may... all depends on whether or not they've capitalized on "business to business" opps.  I just wasn't happy with the news they put out recently and saw it as a signal to sell.  I'm not saying the company is a bad investment, I'm not saying the stock is gonna tank, I'm not saying that others should sell, I'm not saying any of those things.  I posted that I sold because for two years I've been posting that I'm Long on int and it's just not my style to sneak out the back door leaving all those that I've told I'm long on int to continue believing that is still the case.  I have remained honest about my opinion, my reasons for investing, and my reasons for selling.  There is no need for private personal attacks on me... unless, of course, you don't support honesty.

I really do hope this turns around and everyone who continues to hold makes money.