who cares what gets posted. It is irrelavent to the SP. What is relavent is with every drop the next financing becomes less likely to stir up any interest. ALL of the financing to keep this thing afloat are sure reaping their rewards hey? Lucatch  should be afraid for his personal being right now as the only ones NOT in the red are those working for the company. Someone posted some salaries for Lucatch, his wife and some other board members. Whether true #s or not I dont know, but if they ARE true then shareholders should be INCREDIBLY angry. I think of Lucatch like Arod from this seasons playoffs. He's making 25 mill plus and gets benched for poor performance. What does he honestly care as he is GETTING PAID either way.


The decline in the sp is showing how much faith anyone has in INT and has NOTHING to do with the dorks on this board. Personally I would be the utmost of embarrassed if I was Lucatch as every penny we go down makes it harder for him to drum up financing. He is performing the ultimate ponzi scheme and the we are the tools here. Go ahead and put me on ignore as I dont give a rat frick about most of you posers. The handful that know what I am about can deal with my rants.