Sounds pretty much the same as what happened with Nortel.  People start leaving, Customers move on to new suppliers, the financials repeatedly fall below expectations, and in the end... nobody would give them any money. The vultures start to circle and before you know it their 6000 patents sells to a consortium of INDUSTRY WINNERS, or as you call them... vultures.  btw, that works out to about 750k per patent.  As much as I don't like referring to int as a vulture... why don't we use that terminology for a moment since you can relate well to words like that.  vulture = winner.  Winner eats the losers... kinda like a pac-man game.  Get the picture yet?  Oh... and that consortium of industry winners that bought the patents... no one special really.... just companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, RIM... you know... inexperienced good ol' boys that waste their time chasing after useless technology.

Anyway... I'm not even certain if int will get the patent or if they even want it.  They may only want to get as much money back as they can and move on.  But two things we can both agree on is.... 1. int is not the fodder, they're the "Vulture" (as you like to call them... but I prefer "Winners" myself) and 2, "Time will tell".

So which would you rather be?  The vulture or the vultures food?

All the best to you, bud.