Very nice, in-depth, and enlighting article. INT will do very very well, why else would all the creepy crawlers be crawling over each other here, and as Oliver Luckett likes to say, "GET ON MY TRAIN......WE'RE LEAVING NOW!!..Gives a genuine and super long shareholser, a much better appreciation for the people that INT is invested in and with!..We're just getting settlerd into our condo, and noticed your post while having breakfast. Please remember to take a MOMENT OF SILENCE for remembrance, to remember all those BRAVE souls that fought and died for our FREEDOM. I'm from Europe and FREEDOM is everything, it must be appreciated, and not just taken for granted. It's VETS DAY here and it's a huge deal, you can see the pride!!..It really interesting to see all the hustle and bustle already here in Orlando in anticipation for the upcoming Thanksgiving week!!..........Well, we're off the Mariott in about an hour, to play some golf. What a beautiful day, have fun..A VERY PROUD CANADIAN on a day like this........Cheers!!