Joe, my statement was based on history and following the patterns.  If I wasn't forward looking, I would not survive in this profession.  I made great gains in 2011, thanks to pumpers, and am now back on the sidelines and looking to buy in where I originally started.  Major institutions have profited OTC on the short side this year, and retailers are down from a 91 cent 52 week high.

What bothers me most is the accusation of bashing on this forum.  I personally do not hate INT, their management, nor do I wish them any ill will.  In this situation, the biggest bashers have the deepest pockets, and I simply want to express that to those who think the coast is clear.  The money made in INT for 2012 has clearly been OTC, and few retail investors would even know where to begin.  This represents the great divide, different rules for different players, and the reason why INT has come down as much as it has.