Seems to be an interesting connection. Crede has about 10,000,000 invested into Poynt , now they just invested 2,500,000 into Intertainment. Maybe they know something that we don't regarding the outcome of Poynt that will create a positive outcome for Intertainment and they are looking after there original investment.

Could this be a back door deal. It would be nice to see Crede and Intertainment take over the Poynt situation, just maybe this is the start of that.Maybe Crede has a deal on the table for Poynt and needed some breathing room from Intertainment so needed to show a vote of confidence by helping intertainment with an influx of money to help support the financing that Intertainment were expecting back from the Poynt loan.


All speculation and maybe wishful thinking but in my opinion something is cooking


Just my opinion