Quit responding to all these bashers...they have zero value. They keep bringing up lies and negative energy.

Take Schmid's advice ignore these guys:

This board gets easy to read when you ignore all the garbage posters like JoeyBaby, TZero, Rumncokez, Jamezz, Trade XX, TraderDad, PTG, RiskyStox, Value Plays Only, Jomby, Gballs, Carbanx and Jubbyjubber.  You'll be amazed how different the board is when you put enough garbage on ignore, IMO.  This new one already gave itself the basher titile belt for an Avatar, even though I consider PTG the clear leader with over 500 ignores.

Just stop responding to them, simple. Keep posting the loads and loads of positive information and you will be surprised how this board turns around.

SIMPLE, SIMPLE...just do it.