BIG news for Synchronica and Intertainment - Here are some highlights:


- Synchronica PLC has signed an LOI with Intertainment Media to integrate Synchronica's flagship messaging platform, Mobile Gateway, with Intertainment Media's Ortsbo experiential language technology


- SYN will enter a 50/50 JV with INT's Ortsbo to license their respective intellectual properties to a new subsidiary, ultimately to drive revenue and profitability for both companies from new projects


It is envisaged that Synchronica will demonstrate the Ortsbo technology, fully integrated with Mobile Gateway, in time for Mobile World Congress 2012 in late February


- INT will make a strategic investment in SYNup to $10-million in Synchronica, at a minimum price of 16 pence per unit [.252 CDN this morning]. 1 ordinary Synchronica share, plus 1 ordinary share warrant, exercisable at 40 cents per share, at any time within two years of issue


SYN will shortly seek shareholder and necessary approvals for INT's first investment of $1-million. These additional funds will be used for additional working capital and to integrate the Ortsbo language technology with Synchronica Mobile Gateway


"Synchronica Mobile Gateway has strong sector revenue and is already used by more than 100 of the world's most successful mobile operators and device manufacturers," says David Lucatch, CEO of INT


- "Ortsbo complements Synchronica Mobile Gateway, and together we're able to provide a unique possibility for our customers to position themselves as the hub for social interaction, regardless of geographical or language limitations," says Angus Dent, CEO of SYN


This is a strong, and mutually beneficial partnership for both Intertainment and Synchronica


It just makes so much sense - both compliment each other so well


What a story developing here