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International Northair Mines Ltd V.INM

Sector: Metals & Mining | Sub-Sector: Industrial Metals & Minerals

International Northair Mines Ltd is an exploration stage company which is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties. Its assets are located in Canada and Mexico.
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Stephen Leeb`s latest view of China`s solar silver demand

`China’s photovoltaics program will require 25 percent to 30 percent of the world’s silver by the end of the decade..........The world doesn’t have that much additional silver...........Something will...read more
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NR - Northair exercises option on original concessions

http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/international-northair-mines-ltd-exercises-option-acquire-original-concessions-la-cigarra-tsx-venture-inm-1929259.htm  rate and reply
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and wathing INM for a long time now. Seems that the management are good and execution is slowly still moving forward. Lot's of onces of silver and I really like it. The in-ground value foar exceeds...read more
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NR - Northair Commences Drilling at La Cigarra

http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/international-northair-mines-ltd-commences-drilling-la-cigarra-silver-project-mexico-tsx-venture-inm-1924188.htm  rate and reply
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My Ag Oz targets (mid-term, very long-term)

Hey Pointguard, firstly, a few quick thoughts on Ram Zone. The recent exploration results continue to be encouraging. They have now expanded the Ram Zone from 750m to 1000m through continued soil...read more
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RE:Mr. Inwentash selling again, staying at $.10 this time

Inwentash, a fool and his money...  rate and reply
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RE:RE:NR - 13.73 Metres of 71.3 g/t Silver trenching at Ram Zone

production -how do you interpret these samples-interesting is such a nice word-what potential do you see here it seems drills are going for high value targets with immediate impact-what do you see...read more
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Mr. Inwentash selling again, staying at $.10 this time

He sold 83K shares yesterday (June 16th). Per SEDI, yesterday`s sales were strictly from the Pinetree account this time though, as oppose to the recent sales which were done from his Direct Ownership...read more
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RE:NR - 13.73 Metres of 71.3 g/t Silver trenching at Ram Zone

More interesting results...cant wait to see the drill results from the new drill prospects. I think it will add significantly to the resource.  rate and reply
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NR - 13.73 Metres of 71.3 g/t Silver trenching at Ram Zone

http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/international-northair-mines-ltd-trenching-ram-zone-yields-1373-metres-713-g-t-silver-tsx-venture-inm-1921215.htm  rate and reply
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RE:2.366M on the BID ($.075 to $.095)

Indeed, the high volume (low per share price) BID is now gone. Northair`s BID now sits at 416K ($.07 to $.09) and ASK at 214.5K ($.105 to $.13). My guess is that the bidder wanted to entice Mr...read more
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2.366M on the BID ($.075 to $.095)

It is unusual for the Northair BID to be so high in resent times. The ASK is only 174K ($.10 to $.125). It is not clear if the high BID is some (fake) bait and switch type setup or if it is genuine...read more
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Updated Corp Presentation

Very similar to the previous one. Slide 23 is probably the most interesting updated slide. It shows the location of all the various (core area) zones, including the new Ram Zone. This slide gives the...read more
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I still see a target of 100 million (+) ounces (excluding by-product metals) for the core 6.5 km initial exploration area. However, I would prefer that Northair hold off from performing any 43-101...read more
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RE:From the TMX Insider Trade Summaries Rpt Today

A few notes: 1) As of June 2nd, Mr. Inwentash`s Direct Account still has the 500K Northair shares in place. His sales were not from his Direct Account on June 2nd. It`s not clear if his has finished...read more
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If Sheldon and Pinetree want out...

There's still a LOT of shares to dump on the market...a whole lot...Pinetree is no longer listed as a holder but I suspect the Ïndirect Ownership of Mr.Inwentash is actually Pinetree...but dunno for...read more
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NR - Drilling start (Zones: SG, LC, LV, La Chinas + more)

http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/international-northair-mines-ltd-schedules-drill-program-la-cigarra-silver-project-mexico-tsx-venture-inm-1916615.htm  rate and reply
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From the TMX Insider Trade Summaries Rpt Today

A total of 439,000 Northair shares were sold by insider (s) today. No filing on SEDI as yet, thus we are unable to identify the sell as yet. However, if the trend continues, it will be Sheldon...read more
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RE:RE:A tiny bit of insider buying today

production-agree with you pinetree seems to have made a decision to get out .08 is probably their figure fast or slow-one heck of a buying opportunity--you seem to understand cigarra as well as anyone...read more
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RE:A tiny bit of insider buying today

Mr. Inwentash controls 3 accounts under his SEDI name. The 3rd account is an Indirect Self Directed RRSP Account. He sold 59,500 Northair shares from this account yesterday (May 29th). He still has 4...read more