OJ, I will answer your questions on the Ithaca board.  I am more than willing to discuss Iona here. Strange as it seems, I have never said INA is a bad long-term investment.  I just believe that until more of the risks are taken out, it won't grow much more in the next 4-5 months and that it will be possible to buy significantly lower beforehand.  


Now perhaps I will be wrong, but do I really have to be attacked for my opinion like Toady has done?  Even MonkeySpank, who is a current INA investor and has eloquently stated his similar beliefs to mine without wallowing into the mud, has been attacked with name calling and arrogance by T2. His strategy now is to shift the discussion to Ithaca, but as Swing and others know, it is my belief that should be done on the IAE board instead. I am certainly not pumping Ithaca here and have attempted to avoid that discussion as I dont feel it is the right place. But certainly I will discuss it over there.  Why are we deflecting away from INA?  Is this not a discussion board where varying opinions on Iona can be heard?  Does doing so make others more willing to buy Ithaca?  I doubt it.