good to hear that she made $s on it.

however no one can predict the future and hindsight is always 20/20.!!!


what is occuring in CR is more than just a IG being denied their mining rights.

CR's jusdicial system in conflict of its self.

lower court over riding SALA IV, and SALA I approving that?

have you heard anything like this? I have'nt.


I go back to SALA IVs ruling in April 2010 where the company (IG) said;

"In Costa Rica there is a legal principle in effect called "Cosa Juzgada" that once the Supreme Court has ruled on a case that no lower courts will rule again on same matters. The Company anticipates that this will have no impact on development at the site."

On Nov 2010, the appeal court made decision conflicting with IG. IG reported;

"The decision by the Administrative Tribunal appears to conflict with the decision reached by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Costa Rica (SALA IV) in April of 2010 that confirmed the validity of IISA's exploitation concessions and approvals."



CR is sitting on $4billion of AU. like it or not, its coming out one day.

IG will survive this. WHY.

They have funding and the enviro folks knows it. Exploram has but in $60mm into CR.

They're not going to walk away any time soon.


Also, have to noticed, huge buying began since Jul 2011. So who is buying in if the expectation is NULL?

I don't have all the answers.


If Venenzuela thing is OK'd, ie, IG win ICSID case, payout is expected to be $75mm.

That'll get the stock up to $15/share.

If SALA IV does the right thing and steps in and enforces their statements, which I think is what will happen, so that CR can save their face in the INT'L investing community, IG will pop significantly.


IG HAS DONE EVERYTHING RIGHT, and followed all CR rules and lawes relating to mining.

These are the reasons why I remain in IG.

I may be wrong, but this is a matter of principal and integrity for CR.

Someone from SALA IV will rise up and do the right thing. This is what i  believe and foresee happening.


The rest, time will tell.