I think IFR should reproceses their Canol logs for a shale matrix.  Sclumberger uses an Elan plus program which does all sorts of fancy calculations for shale. 

They could then figure out their reservoir parameter and resolve a lot a the uncertainty.  We need to know things like porosity, water saturation, TOC, etc. They could even figure the amount of net pay and the amount of HC in place.  This would be a very cheap thing to do.  Check out what MGM did by looking at their most recent presentation.  They have logs with all the reservoir properties identified. 

At that point you could talk about re-entering - maybe.   However, IFR will have to convince Husky as they are paying most of the bill. 

I agree with Geodude that the IFR lands are not in the best part of the play.  They are also farther away from the pipeline.  You will notice in the IFR presentation that Pat shows that there are two hydrocarbon systems separated by a "salt wall".  This supports Geodude's thoughts that the the north and the south are quite different.

I am pretty sure from the tests and the depths of the well Summit is in the wet gas window and Stewart is dry gas.  Both would have trouble competing economically with the Duvernay and Montenay. 

Anyways, the saying is "follow the money" and the big money is being spent to the north.