For those of us that were following IFR in and ~2003 - 2005 (JeddClampet et al and ever his resourceful  donkey); this was an exciting play; with visions of a 10 bagger.. guaranteed....oh how we dreamed.

There was something really wrong with the reservoir / the source rock and cap rock.  Husky had a *itch of a time with drilling the wells; lost tools and motors down hole; fishing programs, big side tracks....  Cost per well was ~$20MM even at that time with no multistage frac programs....expensive long hauls for drilling waste or other escalated cost issues.

Had anyone looked at the degree of physical rock deformation in the region or the regional tectonic deformation gradients; IFR had made a small but profound comment on the degree of fracturing at one time....don't several pay maps look a strangely like lineations?  Is there a reason why they were plotted that way?